Anti-DDoS WAF+

* Malicious HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Blocks per second, Network Box E-4000x model


Network Box's WAF-Scan is a next generation Anti-Distributed Denial of Service Web Application Firewall Plus system. This managed security appliance (or alternatively virtual / cloud based device) is highly customizable, and can apply a strict set of pre-configured rules to an HTTP / HTTPS conversation, in order to protect web facing servers against attack. It combines Anti-DDoS Mitigation, Web Application Protection, and IPv4 to IPv6 / IPv6 to IPv4 Cross-Protocol Bridging into one state-of-the-art system.


  • Bandwidth and Network Optimization
    Allows for load balanced, high availability and clustered configurations, to help maximize both performance and business continuity.
  • DoS/DDoS Mitigation
    Specifically enhanced with a wide range of capabilities to allow for the mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
  • Web Application Protection
    Pre-configured to protect against the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top Ten security risks.
  • IPv4 to IPv6 / IPv6 to IPv4 Cross-Protocol Bridging
    Complete IPv6 / IPv4 compatibility, including the ability to automatically and transparently bridge the two Internet standards.
  • Up-to-the-minute Updates
    Immediate installation of emergency virtual patches at the gateway, to prevent attacks from newly discovered vulnerabilities in real-time.
  • Adobe PDF Format Reporting
    Customizable automated reports that are clear and easy to understand.
  • Graphical User Interface
    Real-time monitoring of cyber attacks can be monitored in, using easy to understand, highly customizable dashboards.


Please click here to download the Anti-DDoS WAF+ document.


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