Virtual Private Networking

Authenticated, Encrypted and Validated Communication

IPSec VPNs  are particularly complex with many options that people struggle to make work. It is also true that IPSec VPNs are not good with Network Address Translation making connectivity difficult. Furthermore, vendor implementations can differ in terminology and, in some cases, in functionality. Despite this, IPSEC VPNs have become the standard that is used throughout industry. The IPSEC-compliant VPN built into each Network Box provides maximum available encryption support for site-to-site, site-to-remote and roadwarrior configurations. All major encryption and authentication protocols are supported and an unlimited site VPN license is included. Importantly, Network Box support staff are on hand to provide assistance with setting up these connections and have considerable experience of other manufacturers implementations.


SSL VPNs are now becoming much more popular as they are easier to configure and just as secure. Network Box provides full support for these types of VPNs and again an unlimited site VPN licence.


The Network Box VPN also supports PPTP, L2TP and GRE protocols; in client, server and ‘road warrior’ configurations.

Modular configuration permits multiple encapsulation layers, such as L2TP within IPSEC. PSK, RSA PKI and X509 certificates are available for IPSEC authentication, with all secure encryption standards (including 3DES, AES, Blowfish and CAST) fully supported.

128 128 / 256 bit encryption keys are available, and 4,096 bit certificates and keys are supported for authentication. Most major VPN servers (such as Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint and Symantec) can be connected to Network Box.



  • Industry standard IPSEC compliance, with optional IKE and AH / ESP for the latest technology and compatibility.
  • Fully featured SSL VPN server implementation.
  • The very latest encryption technologies including 3DES, CAST, BLOWFISH, AES, SERPENT and TWOFISH for ultimate system compatibility.
  • Sophisticated authentication including X509 Certificates, Shared Secret, or 2048bit RSA ensuring complete trust.
  • Hassle-free, unlimited user licensing not charged by number of users.
  • Site-to-Site, Site-to-Remote and Roadwarrior configurations, as standard.

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