Test Report


IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2 Certification



Network Box is very pleased to announce that it is the first, and so far only, provider of Managed Security Services, to have had its proprietary managed security service delivery platform attain IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2 Certification. IPv6 Ready is an internationally recognized certification that is awarded to vendor products after they undergo a comprehensive set of tests that measure the compliance of the products' IPv6 networking stack against constructs, features and behaviours defined in the official IPv6 internet standards. For this reason, full IPv6 support and innovation are foundational aspects of the entire upcoming Network Box version five (NBRS-5) product line.


For details, please click here.




Tolly Group - WildList Malware Detection Evaluation

Tolly Group, one of the world’s most respected IT Testing Labs, just issued their report, showing that Network Box is 100% effective against the Extended WildList for POP3, HTTP and SMTP.

Extended WildList Malware Detection Test Results |  The Bottom Line

100% Extended WildList detection over HTTP protocol

100% Extended WildList detection over POP3 protocol

100% Extended WildList detection over SMTP protocol




For details, you can download the report as a PDF.

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