Managed Security Services


The Network Box managed security service provides much more than other Security-as-a-Service (SAAS) providers do. In addition to all the standard security that competitors provide, Network Box also offers:




24x7x365 protection of over 1600 enterprise data networks worldwide by trained security analysts located in Security Operations Centres.


Threat Analysis
Network Box collates the information provided by its managed security appliances. This allows Network Box to see threats both locally and globally in real-time and, if required, pro-actively update all its clients’ boxes to the latest protection levels.


Bandwith Management
Make the most of existing links by analysing traffic, removing irrelevant traffic and managing business critical data through quality of service.


Licence Management
No need for multiple licences: One licence per box covers all users and all security applications. You’ll spend less time on administration, and be confident that everyone is protected.


Change Control

As part of the service, Network Box customers benefit from validation of their firewall requests by trained security experts, ensuring that security is not compromised. All changes are saved to a source control database and the configuration of the security system is backed up to a remote site. All this means Network Box customers can rely on change control being properly managed.


Load Balancing

Single or Multiple Internet Connections can be configured to load balance the traffic so that it suits your business needs.


Security Consulting

assistance with network security architecture, policy development, vulnerability assessment, forensics and attack response efforts can all be provided by the support team.



Network Box is the first Managed Security Service Provider to be featured on the covers of PC TODAY (May 2012) and PROCESSOR (June 2012).

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