Push Technology





PUSH technology means that Network Box actively pushes out updates and patches from its SOCs to each Network Box system in real time. All updates are delivered on average in less than 45 seconds, as soon as the updates are available.


This contrasts with the standard security systems which usually pull updates from a server once a day, twice a day, or at best once an hour. This can result in updates arriving only after a critical period has passed.


  1. Customers do not need to know that there is an update waiting
  2. They do not need to ensure that they have the rights to access the patch on the website
  3. They do not have to download it and ensure the checksum is correct
  4. They do not have to find time to install it
  5. They do not have to repeat all these steps for each device


The real issue here is that if the customer has many separate products in place to provide security then the customer has to ensure that they are all updated on a regular basis. This is tedious so it doesn’t get done, it is long winded so it takes time and it is unreliable so the company cannot be sure all updates have been done.



In 2000, Network Box was PUSHING out 8 updates a day.

In 2013, Network Box is PUSHING out over 15,000 signatures a day.

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