Adobe PDF Format Reporting System


  Table of Contents

  Email Report

  System Utilisation Report

  Network Throughput Report


[Download report sample]



Most organisations which use Network Box systems require weekly reports, giving them a clear overview of what is happening at the gateway, between the Internet and their network.

However, these reports do not have to be sent out on a weekly basis and can actually be sent out once a month, once a week or once a day, to meet differing clients’ requirements.


A great amount of detail is included. For example:

Number of Protection Level Updates / Direct Maintenance Jobs

  • System Utilisation
    • CPU Utilisation / Disk Utilisation / Workload Summary
  • Network Throughput
    • Internet / Local / VPN
    • Summary
  • Network Box SOC Services
    • Threat Signature Updates
    • Activity Summary
  • Firewall
    • Hacker Protection
    • Policy Enforcement
  • IPS (Intrusion Protection System)
    • Hacker Protection
    • Policy Enforcement
  • Incoming / Outgoing email statistics
    • Number Scanned, Malware Blocked, Spam Blocked
  • Web Proxy
    • Utilisation
    • Protection
    • Policy Enforcement
  • FTP
    • Protection
  • Virtual Private Network
    • IPSEC Connections
    • PPTP Connections
  • System Utilisation
    • Peak Time & Period

Actually, not only are very detailed current statistics shown, but comparisons against previous time-frames are included. This means that an organisation’s IT Management will automatically have a comprehensive ‘bird’s eye view’ of their gateway activity and can therefore make extremely informed decisions about their IT infrastructure without needing lots of manual investigation.

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