Dark Web Monitoring Service

Dark Web Monitoring






The Network Box Dark Web Monitoring system scans data breaches from the Dark Web, looking for your registered email addresses and domains. Reports are generated showing the breach details, such as breached email accounts and origin of breach. As a subscriptions service, monitoring is ongoing. When new data breaches are discovered, Network Box will re-scan and keep you informed as to changes since the last report.


In additon, the service includes Cloud Reputation Monitoring. This service continually monitors your registered IP ranges and domains against hundreds of public reputation lists, to ensure they are not blacklisted.




What is

The Dark Web?


The Dark Web is the deliberately hidden part of the Internet, which is the natural habitat of hackers and cyber criminals. This ‘dark side’, can only be accessed with specialist knowledge, and specific software tools such as TOR (The Onion Router), Riffle, Freenet, and I2P(Invisible Internet Project).


Whenever there is a data breach, user's personal data usually ends up on the Dark Web. There are currently over billions of hacked credentials posted on the Dark Web, and the number is growing fast.


Only 4% of the Internet is publicly accessible and index by normal search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This is known as the Surface Web.

The other 96% of the Internet, is made up of the Deep Web.

Within the Deep Web are a subset of Dark Nets. It is the collection of these Dark Nets that make up the Dark Web.

Dark Web Overview



Key Features

Dark Web Scanning

Scans the Dark Web for postings of registered domains and email addresses

Dark Web Reports

Detailed reports of data breaches

Ongoing monitoring and notifications

On-going monitoring service, and notification of any discoveries found on the Dark Web



Additional Materials


Dark Web Overview

Dark Web Overview

Dark Web Article

Dark Web article from In the Boxing Ring

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