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In the Boxing Ring - August 2019


6 August 2019 - Welcome to the August 2019 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’.


This month, we are talking about The Network Box Difference. Quite often we are asked to explain the difference between the Network Box Managed Security Services, and our (mostly Do-It-Yourself) competitors. Perhaps the clearest demonstration is how close the relationship to our customers is; we are there to help resolve problems and diagnose networking issues, and not just some voice in a distant call centre. Our service renewal and customer loyalty rates are the highest in the industry, but what exactly is the difference? Why is Network Box security so effective? On pages 2-3 we answer these questions, and highlight the Network Box approach to security.


On page 4, we highlight the features and fixes to be released in this month’s patch Tuesday for Network Box 5.


In other news, Network Box is proud to announce that the company is listed as a Top Contributing Partner in the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP). In this month’s media coverage, Network Box Hong Kong was interviewed by E-Zone Magazine and JobMarket Magazine; Network Box USA was featured in SC Magazine and infosecurity Magazine; and interviewed Network Box Germany.


The newsletter can be downloaded from the Network Box website.


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